Futuresalt Entertainment LTD

Our Main Three Keys

We create story-driven action games with great adventure and soft puzzles
that go straight to the minds and hearts of players.

Our games...

Our games this is well managed time

this is well
managed time

Our games develop and educate

and educate

Our games they care about the environment

they care
about the environment

Our games they bring people together... in a wise way

they bring people together...
in a wise way

Our games they will definitely surprise you!

and they will definitely
surprise you!

Solomon Snow - First Contact

Sometimes when you come to work, the Solar System is under attack.

Solomon Snow - First Contact

Lea's Chronicles - The Crystal Drive

Third-person adventure game with action, science, and soft puzzles, featuring strong personality with superhuman abilities inspired by Tomb Raider and Uncharted.

Leas Chronicles - The Crystal Drive

Matches Cup puzzle game

Boost logical thinking with Matches Cup!

Cross Equations puzzle game

Save the animals of the world by solving puzzles!

Toymmandooo Platform Puzzle Shooter

Collect gems, blast zombies, and discover secret places!

Icicle Ride Hyper Casual Winter Sport Game

Watch out for the Icicler Riders! Or join them?

Our team

Futuresalt Entertainment CEO & CTO Łukasz Klejnberg

Łukasz (Luke) Klejnberg


Futuresalt Entertainment Founder.
I have been passionate about technologies from an early age. I went from 8-bit computers to the current and I hope that next will be Quantum Computing. I love logical, action-RPG and board games. I specialize in a security and TCP/IP servers. I’m passionate of VR/AR and Unity 3D technology since the creation of this platform for Game Developers.
Actively in the IT industry for 20 years.

Favorite games: Diablo from Blizzard, Terraforming Mars.

Futuresalt Entertainment COO Beata Klejnberg

Beata Klejnberg

COO & Designer & Q&A

Mathematician, teacher with passion. I like logic and strategy games that require planning and maximum focus.
I like 8 and 16 bits games. Long ago, I often played Fortune, which I adored and I still have today.

Favorite games: Terraforming Mars.

Futuresalt Entertainment Senior Unity Developer Andrzej Klejnberg

Andrzej Klejnberg

Senior Unity3D Developer

I like to play games that require thinking. I've been programming since high school, starting with the Atari computer.
During my studies, I programmed in computational systems.
Currently, I program in Java, Unity, and PHP.

Favorite games: Solitaire and chess.

Futuresalt Entertainment Senior Unity Developer Przemysław Jarosz

Przemysław Jarosz

Senior Unity 3D Developer

I have been programming for over 4 years, I like to explore new technologies that I can use at work and beyond. I like to play various mobile games, especially logic games, although sometimes there will be some less demanding for resting :)
Outside of work I like to do water sports such as swimming and sailing.

Favorite games: Elevate and Wordscapes.

Futuresalt Entertainment PR Przemysław Kozera

Przemysław Kozera

PR & Marketing

I am a PR specialist with over 7 years of experience, mainly in the IT and retail industries. I specialize in the communication of brands from the IT, FMCG and startup industries.
I use traditional PR tools as well as digital solutions.
The world of games, both video, and analog, has accompanied me from an early age. In the category of traditional games, I represented Poland in the abstract game "hex".
When it comes to video games, I like to relax playing Fifa.

Favorite games: FIFA, For Honor, Cities Skylines.

Futuresalt Entertainment Game Designer Piotr Chojecki

Piotr Chojecki

Game designer

Artistic soul, full of enthusiasm and optimism. He likes to feed the senses with image and sound, which is why he has extensive experience in the field of graphics. Passionate about modern Indie and casual games. As a child, he was impressed by slot machines from Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, and many other legends in the then arcades. He was then enchanted by computers such as Amstrad, Atari, Commodore, and Amiga to finally become a happy owner of the Nintendo console, Pegasus, and later the revolutionary Playstation. He turned the player's role into a game designer. Currently, he sees the potential in AR/MR technology, which, as he says, "these will be new times and new possibilities that no one has ever dreamed of in anime or SF books."

Futuresalt Entertainment Music Composer Sławomir Zając

Sławomir Zając

Composer Sound & Music

I broke 4 joysticks playing Decathlon on my Atari 65 XE. Without a joystick, I could only play ROBBO (my favorite logic game) and… code in BASIC.
My next computer was a 486, which had thousands of wonderful games: Civilization, The Settlers, Duke Nukem 3D, and many, many more. I began creating music using Scream Tracker, followed by Impulse Tracker. Nowadays, I’m making music mainly in Reaper and Reason.

Favorite games: I played hundreds of games and I particularly enjoyed FlatOut 2, Mario Kart Wii, Fallout: New Vegas, Half-Life 2, Starcraft 1 and 2, Quake, The Witcher 3, and… oh, damn, I enjoy all the games :)

Sound Cloud: soundcloud.com/chafer

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